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Landlord/Tenant Counseling

Our tenant counseling and support services assist tenants by providing advocacy in Housing Court for those who cannot afford to pay for legal assistance. The program also provides direct services to tenants who are living in unsanitary conditions due to lack of repairs. In resolving these issues, we mediate between the tenant and the landlord to complete the necessary repairs in a timely manner. Yet another component of the program is our tenant organizing. Thus far we have aided in the formation of several tenants association, thereby empowering tenants to have a voice and become more active in addressing issues that affect the properties in which they reside.

In addition to organizing buildings and creating tenant associations, we educate tenants by hosting a series of workshops, such as: Tenants Rights, Fire Safety, Living Will and Weatherization. We also refer tenants to several city Agencies to get the help they so desperately need. ENF takes a leadership role in citywide coalitions that promote the production of affordable housing and create clean, livable, safe environments.

The Tenant and Landlord Program also assist landlords in obtaining loans to maintain their property and ensure proper maintenance and code compliant.

The Housing related services that are provided by ENF are available in three languages, Spanish, French and Creole. We can effectively communicate and provide counseling and educational materials in these languages.


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