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Foreclosure Prevention

Erasmus Neighborhood Federation (“ENF”) is pleased to offer its Foreclosure Prevention and Foreclosure Defense Services to all Brooklyn residents. If you are finding it difficult to make your existing mortgage payments or are in default of your current mortgage ENF can assist you through one of our programs:

Foreclosure Prevention: ENF has partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services (“NHS”) of East Flatbush to provide free debt analysis, loan negotiation and modification services to those homeowners who are having trouble making their current mortgage payments or have fallen behind on their current mortgage obligation. ENF and NHS will speak with Lenders and loan servicers on your behalf in efforts to help you keep your home.

Foreclosure Defense: ENF will assist you in the legal defense of your foreclosure matter. We provide free legal representation in the defense of your home. We represent homeowners in the litigation phase of the foreclosure process. The foreclosure phase in New York State takes approximately 180 days from start to the ultimate property sale. During this time, ENF will assist you in defending your home and asserting your legal right to be heard in the court of law. To effectively assist you in the legal process we ask that you comply with the following:

  • Promptly provide use with copies of all written communications from the Lender, Servicing Company, Courts or Attorneys;
  • Disclose all matters relating to the purchase of your home and past communications with Lenders;
  • Locate any and all files regarding your loan, bring in all documents we will decide which documents are pertinent to your representation;
  • Disclose all agencies or persons who have previously assisted you in attempting to remedy your foreclosure matter; and be honest and frank with your attorney, we are shielded by confidentiality and are here to assist you.

Settlement Conference: ENF will provide you with legal assistance at the court mandated “Settlement Conferences’. Settlement Conferences are available for those homeowners who have obtained “Subprime”, “High Cost” or “Non-Traditional” Home Loans. These conferences are the right of homeowners in instances where the final foreclosure judgment has not been entered. We encourage all homeowners to attend these conferences and request that a conference be had on your matter as “soon as practicable”. The courts will initiate a settlement conference for the purpose holding settlement discussions relative to the rights of the Lender and the homeowner under the mortgage loan documents. The courts will determine whether the parties can agree to plan that allows you to retain ownership and possession of your home. At the conference the court will foster discussion between you and the Lender’s representative in efforts to obtain revised payment schedules, loan modifications, forbearance agreements and other options that the court deems appropriate.

We know that foreclosure is a new and frightening experience to most homeowners and we are here to help you.


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